Spot the Dog theme Candy Buffet

We had the pleasure of styling a personalised candy buffet for a first birthday. The theme was Spot the Dog using the primary colours blue, red & yellow.  Our clients choose a variety of delicious lollies to fill the 8 jar set up including classics such as racing cars, pineapples, fantales, jelly babies and chocolate freckles.

We added personalised touches including a personalized message on the candy bags for guests and a beautiful framed sign.

The candy jars were decorated with Spot the Dog theme labels and the primary coloured balloons added the final touches to finish off the gorgeous theme.

If you are after an affordable candy buffet for your next event please contact us.  We can help personalised it with your choice of theme or colours. Whether you have an idea in mind or leave the imagination up to us- we would love to help




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